Medflow has a full range of ophthalmology EHR products built to accommodate all facets of any busy eye care practice.  From patient check in to patient check out, the workflow is optimized for speed and efficiency. Medflow integrates a unique single screen exam, diagnostic imaging, surgery planning and patient education tools within the EHR system to provide a full spectrum solution.

Experience the new & enriched Medflow 2.0, our new cloud based ophthalmology and optometry EHR.  Created with the newest programming tools available, this is an extremely powerful, smart and intuitive SaaS based cloud product for the eye care field that will transform the way eye care practices work.

Medflow EHR is installed in over 560 ophthalmology practices nationwide and is being used by 2,700 eye care physicians daily to record more than 120,000 patient visits a day. We have the highest rate of successful implementation in the industry and our users were the first to receive payments for meaningful use.