Medflow Ophthalmology EHR and Business Solutions

Since 1999 Medflow has been dedicated to research, design and develop premier software solutions exclusively for Ophthalmology and Optometry professionals. Medflow is your long term partner who understands physician needs and will continue to respond by providing solutions to improve your quality of patient care and your quality of life. Our vision is clear – focus 100% on eye care. Medflow offers ophthalmology EHR business software solutions designed specifically for the eye care industry. The ophthalmology EHR business software combines an intelligent network, back-office services and enhanced analytics to help you manage, preserve and grow your practice. The Medflow team is comprised of more than 65 staff members wholly dedicated to excellence in eye care. This team of leaders, progressive thinkers, and experienced professionals are completely committed to bringing the eye care community quality product and innovative technology with first rate customer service.

Changing the Way Eye Doctors Work


Out of all of our offerings, MedflowVision gives you the best bang for your buck. You get our entire collection of tools and services…and a squad of actual humans by your side, helping you put everything into action so that you can see more patients and make more money right away.

Intuitive, state-of-the-art ophthalmology EHR

Medflow2.0.logo-01-small Medflow 2.0 EHR is a cloud-based system that streamlines your entire workflow and enables you to conduct thorough patient exams quickly. The tools are right at your fingertips. You can access dashboards, longitudinal chart reviews, graphs for vision and pressure, and past summaries. Our cloud technology gives you location freedom. Whether you’re at the office, in the clinic, working from home, or checking in during a conference, you can access patient data immediately.

The Most Trusted Ophthalmology EHR System

8-1-EHR-logo Medflow 8.1 Ophthalmology EHR is the industry’s most trusted ophthalmology EHR system, currently being used to record more than 120,000 patient visits per day. We understand the needs of a busy eye care practice. Our system is intuitive; it works with you and helps you and your staff do your jobs faster, better, and easier. Our single screen exam workflow allows you to record all exam data in one screen without any navigation or screen flipping. Additional features include intuitive auto-fill of data, image management, and HIPAA compliance monitoring. Plus, Medflow 8.1 is Meaningful Use Stage 2-certified, ready for ICD-10 integration, and can be hosted on a server or in the cloud. But when you purchase, you don’t just get the technology; you get a team of humans who educate and train you on how your specific practice can get the most out of Medflow 8.1.

Cloud based International Ophthalmology EHR

medflow-lite MedflowLite, designed for the international market, is a paradigm shift in how ophthalmology practices will engage in the purchase, implementation and support of software products and related services. It is an end to end offering of software programs, applications, processes and all the related business management services removing the practice from the day to day worry and hassle of overseeing software programs, network issues, compliance monitoring, updating and upgrading of programs and processes, providing leadership with metrics for financials, operational, clinical, utilization and statutory. MedflowLite provides all of these products and services for a single monthly fee.

medflow-pms_squareMedflow knows what works best your busy ophthalmology practice which is why we bring you only the best solutions to streamline your appointments, maximizes patient flow, customize superbills, provide time clocks for staff, and more. With Medflow’s Practice Management System (PMS) you can be ensured of shorter waiting room times for patients, no excessive paperwork and optimal use of your facilities. We help you with patient registration, booking appointments, insurance verification and eligibility, and more.

Connecting you to your patients

Our certified patient portal is more than just software; it’s the answer to building better relationships with your patients and improving the profitability of your practice. The Medflow Patient Portal is so patient-friendly that patients don’t even need an email address to use it. When patients check in for their appointment, Medflow 2.0 EHR will create a welcome letter with their portal login credentials and prints the instructions for the patient to open their account. Patients can then access the portal to create their account and view messages, education resources, appointments, and more.

Business Intelligence to Guide Your Business & Clinical Decisions

2.0 MAP LOGO NEW 10-08-15In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, physicians continue to distinguish themselves through excellence in their eye healthcare services. Nowhere is the changing landscape more evident than with the shift to value-based care. Different from fee-for-service, value-based care drives an emphasis on proactive, predictive and personalized care management interactions with patients. Competence in health data mining doesn’t come naturally or easily to physicians, because healthcare data can be siloed in different systems across a practice domain. The leading healthcare demand is leveraging data from electronic medical records, financials, claims, labs and pharmacies. Consolidating these data sets into longitudinal patient records yields insights into eye care trends.

Accurate Billing, Accelerated Payments

medflow-rcmYou want your practice to bring in more money, and faster. That’s what we want for you, too. Our Revenue Cycle Management services help you do just that. Our service and software is unique. It’s cloud-based so that you and your staff can access revenue reports and information from anywhere in the office and it comes with actual human beings to assist and train you. It’s easy to connect any practice, it doesn’t require a big IT installation regardless of size, with our service and software you earning more money quickly.