Client Testimonials

Eye Center of Central PA Jerry Hensel OD

As a provider of 22 years, 11 of which are at The Eye Center of Central PA, my favorite part of electronic records and specifically Medflow’s program is the near instant availability of digital imaging distributed effectively by DICOM making record keeping more efficient. And most recently, the addition of the search function for ICD10 coding with the new requirements becoming available with accuracy.”

Jerry R. Hensel, OD director of Optometry Services

The Eye Center of Central PA
Vision First Eye Center

“I could not be more satisfied with the Medflow ophthalmology EHR and the Medflow team.  They have been available during the Meaningful Use transition and now the ICD-10 transition.  The support staff has been there to answer our questions and keep us moving during those times of transition and help to make it as seamless as possible.”

Tammy Griffin, COA, COT

VisionFirst Eye Center
Eye center of central PA Rachel Fritz OD

As October 1st approached it seemed that the entire health care world was panicking about implementing ICD 10. However at The Eye Center of Central PA, I felt as though I had been using ICD 10 comfortably since I started working here last August. When I first was trained on Medflow, I immediately felt that it was easiest EMR that I had worked with. The Eye Center and Medflow I feel had the perfect set-up to help us prepare for ICD 10 almost without knowing it. As providers we had been searching by ICD 9 codes but were ultimately picking the corresponding ICD 10 codes long before October 1st.”

Rachel Fritz, OD

The Eye Center of Central PA
Hugh Cooper-Harrington Memorial Hospital

Medflow has significantly reduced the stress and anxiety from ophthalmology electronic medical records and meaningful use government mandates.  The Medflow 8.1 program allows clear and efficient documentation of the patient exam without slowing down my ability to treat patients.  The Support staff are always very friendly and helpful and are highly motivated to address our concerns.  I made the right choice when I chose Medflow as my EHR solution.

Hugh Cooper, MD

Harrington Memorial Hospital
Wooster Eye Center

“We remain confident that choosing Medflow as our ophthalmology EHR vendor in 2012 was the right decision for our practice. Medflow’s efforts in developing software that stays ahead of mandates and changes such as Meaningful Use, ICD-10, and PQRS, have been excellent. Although it is easy to want to delay making changes until the last minute, Medflow has proven that they are leading us in the direction we must go and we trust that changes made are in our best interest.It is obvious that significant effort is put into Medflow’s client responsiveness and communication. The development of a Strategic Account Manager (SAM) for each client has been one of these improvements. Developing a rapport with our SAM has given our practice the peace of mind that Medflow hears our concerns and that we are not simply a client, but rather a partner.”

Chris Boatner, COA

Wooster Eye Center
Betchkal-Glaucoma Specialist

Several years ago when I decided that I wanted and needed to convert to an ophthalmology EHR system, the hardest decision was determining the “best” company with whom to make the conversion. I chose Medflow and have never been sorry. Along every step of the way, the Medflow team has been there to help me make the conversion and get the maximal benefits out of my system. I have successfully incorporated Medflow into my practice and have NEVER had to revert to paper records since the day I made the change. I find the system very easy to navigate and have always found the Medflow support team to be very responsive and quick to address any issues that brought to their attention. I have used Medflow ophthalmology EHR for Meaningful Use and have attested with ease. There much anxiety about the recent conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10, but Medflow and its latest software simplified the process and the increased claims rejections that we were told to anticipate for several months has not come to fruition. Probably the thing that most impresses me about Medflow is its staff (and its apparent ability to hire and keep good people). From Day 1, I have had “personal” relationship with my “trainer” and later Strategic Account Manager (SAM), someone to contact who really knows my office, staff, and routine. Medflow “listens” to its customers and makes quality improvements on a regular basis. The integration of its own PM system and portal has only served to improve an already great product!

Janet A. Betchkal, MD

Glaucoma Specialist, Jacksonville, FL