Medflow 2.0 Cloud Ophthalmology EHR

medflow 2.0 EHR

Cloud Ophthalmology EHR

Do you feel like EHR’s make your job of providing the best care possible to as many patients as possible much harder? Then you need a system that decreases stress, improves office harmony, and uses efficient workflows so that you and your staff can focus on patient care and satisfaction. You need Medflow 2.0 ophthalmology EHR.


Cloud computing with optimized workflows – Medflow 2.0 EHR is a cloud-based system that streamlines your entire workflow and enables you to conduct thorough patient exams quickly. The tools are right at your fingertips. You can access dashboards, longitudinal chart reviews, graphs for vision and pressure, and past summaries.

Be free to move around – Our cloud technology gives you location freedom. Whether you’re at the office, in the clinic, working from home, or checking in during a conference, you can access patient data immediately.

Save time – Our system is designed to make providers as efficient as possible during the patient care process. No more clunky workflows; we used common sense and sixteen years of experience to design Medflow 2.0. You can glide through the EHR process during even the most comprehensive exams, giving you the time you need to provide thorough face-to-face care to your patients.

Intuitive diagnosis management and care plan capability – Medflow 2.0 links your exam findings to the ICD10 so that you don’t have to sift through lists of code to write a diagnosis. The intuitive processing will link diagnosis to care plans which automatically generate impressions and assessments, medication orders, follow up orders, besides delivering letters for referrals, co-management. What’s more it sends important communication to the patient’s portal. The result- you save more time and effort!

Finally, an EHR system that works with you, that takes your practice to the next level instead of keeping it stagnant. Call us now to discuss how Medflow 2.0 can give you the location and time freedom you need to give the best possible care to as many patients as possible.

Medflow 2.0 EHR Features

  • Stable & secure cloud based application
  • Intuitive design
  • Intelligent workflows optimized for speed
  • Agnostic to OS, device, & browser
  • Meaningful use, PQRS, & ICD-10 ready
  • Live online training
  • 24/7 access to eLearning
  • Interactive drawing tool
  • Surescripts certified e-prescribing
  • Image management
  • Patient portal
  • Seamless device integration
  • Built-in billing calculator
  • HIPAA secure
  • 24/7 access to patient data with secure internet

Moving Beyond a Traditional EHR

Everything you need on one screen

  • A persistent vertical menu bar gives you access to any module or section of the chart.
  • Physicians dashboard keeps you connected to all relevant patient tasks and duties.
  • Message Center allows you to do your busy work anywhere anytime during your day.
  • Patient Dashboard provides a single facesheet summarizing all relevant information.
  • Customized exam templates define the work you need to do for any examination type.
  • Configurable workflow, ICD10 linking, user-defined care plans to ensure your charting accuracy.

Ensuring an efficient, preconfigured, intelligent workflow

  • Medflow 2.0 EHR delivers usability, simplicity and configurability. Our system design provides convenience, efficiency and less stress so providers and staff members can deliver better patient care.
  • Intelligent workflow right from appointment reminders to patient check-in, room status and checkout, the active patient chart allows you to see everything at once glance.
  • Entering values from pre-configured lists in exam findings will automatically populate the diagnosis and care plans, thus saving time and cumbersome data entry at the end of the patient exam.
  • Single screen exam for patient visit eliminates unnecessary navigation and clicks. Simply drag and drop exam sections to suit your preferred workflow.

Care Plans automate the entire assessment and plan

  • Linked findings automatically display the correct ICD10 codes linked to your care plans.
  • Care plans autofill your data by automatically inserting medication orders, return visit orders, and send letters to referring physicians.
  • Sends patient education materials to the patient portal directly from here.
  • It streamlines your process, enables you to get in and out of the room quicker, and most importantly, it gives you more time to spend face to face with your patients.

Diagnosis Management

  • Examination findings are linked to ICD10 diagnosis – never a long list to search through.
  • System automatically remembers and maintains your most used list of diagnoses.
  • Diagnosis linked to treatment profiles (care plans) expedite your assessments, orders and referral documentation.
  • Medication orders are automatically linked with care plans & ePrescribed upon processing your plan.
  • Letters for referrals, co-management, and patients are self-generated and delivered via direct messaging, efaxing or secure messaging to a patient portal.