Practice Management

medflow 2.0 Plus PM

Medflow 2.0 Plus Practice Management

When it comes to running a profitable, smooth practice-short wait times for patients and no excessive paperwork – Medflow has you covered. Our Medflow 2.0 Plus Practice Management  (PM) streamlines the tasks that you don’t have the time or desire to worry about, but that really make a difference in your patient and ultimately in your profits. We help you with patient registration, booking appointments, insurance verification and eligibility, and more.

Medflow 2.0 Plus Practice Management  powered by Management Plus is your answer to everything you need to run an efficient, profitable practice. Our system streamlines your appointments, maximizes patient flow, customize superbills, provide time clocks for staff, and more.  Medflow 2.0 Plus Practice Management boasts of an efficient 98 percent first-time claims acceptance rate, user-friendly interface, and 96% live call ratio with a US-based staff – stats that are unmatched in the industry.


  • Scheduling consolidated and effectively organized to maximize the number of patients on a given day. Our resource-based scheduling allocates technicians, rooms, and equipment correctly. With ManagementPlus PMS, organized and profit-driven scheduling starts now.
  • Front desk modules and highly-efficient coding and billing systems that reduce your A/R days to fewer than twenty and free up your cash flow. Created by healthcare financial professionals, our tools help you verify insurance and collect copays, ensure correctly coded and clean claims, reduce denials, and make sure your collections are timely and accurately.
  • Business intelligence feature empowers practices to manage a more profitable operation, generating reports that assist with payer contracts, financial forecasting, benchmarking, and more.