More than an EHR, a services solution

Today’s healthcare market is so complex and nuanced. But it is possible to run a lucrative practice smoothly. MedflowVision gives you the tools and roadmap to get you there.With MedflowVision, you get the most powerful integrated ophthalmology EHR business solution – with  all of our products and services for a single monthly payment based on a percentage of the total collectable revenue of your practice.

Out of all of our offerings, MedflowVision gives you the best bang for your buck. You get our entire collection of tools and services…and a squad of actual humans by your side, helping you put everything into action so that you can see more patients and make more money right away.

medflowvission cloud



EHR software your staff will love

The solution you’ve imagined is here.  Medflow 2.0 is a completely new cloud-based electronic health records system. A perfect evolution in software, Medflow 2.0 delivers an intuitive state-of-the-art solution combining modern cloud technology with Medflow’s proven expertise in the eye care  industry.  This revolutionary software was created with ideas, input and insights gleaned from industry leaders across the country and our own 16 year eye care history. Offering speed, efficiency, and flexibility when you need it most, the new Medflow 2.0 is the first Ophthalmology EHR designed not only to keep up with your busy eye practice but to make you faster.

  • Single screen exam – for direct access, swift navigation and rapid data entry
  • Physician dashboard – homepage keeps you connected anywhere, anytime
  • Patient dashboard – complete chronologic display of all relevant historic data
  • Vertical menu bar – the menu gives you one-click access to any chart area

Patient Portal software your patient’s will love

Effective, patient engagement is the foundation for running a successful, high-performing eye care practice. Our cloud-based, patient engagement service focuses on patient care by significantly reducing your staff’s administrative work. The user interface is easy-to-use and patient friendly, making the experience convenient and accessible to all. The system does not require a patient email address and fulfills all the requirements for Meaningful Use and more!

  • Appointment requests – Patient can manage open appointments and make additional appointment requests anytime.
  • Medication refills – Patient always has an accurate printable list of active medications and can request refills as needed.
  • Amendment requests – Patient can communicate directly to staff with any health changes or demographic changes.
  • Patient education – Medflow 2.0 will automatically send relevant patient education material based upon a patient’s active problem list.

Billing services proven to get you paid more, faster

Conventional billing systems give you just basic software. Medflowvision delivers cloud-based software with an experienced network and a team of experts to assist you with back-office services. We take on your most difficult office tasks like claim submission, follow-up, denial management, payment posting and more – helping improve your bottom-line, quickly and efficiently.

  • On an average, our clients experience 15%-30% reduction in AR Days
  • Average improvement in collection is 5%-10%
  • Efficient submission of claims within 24 hours of receipt of documents
  • Shorter collection cycle
  • Detailed and periodic reporting
  • Posting of account within 24 hours
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Business intelligence guiding your decisions

Medflow Analytics Program delivers scorecards and key practice indicators for business office and clinic leadership decision-making. User-defined, parametric dashboards create automated alerts, prompting actions while keeping your staff informed and proactive.

  • Track changes in referrals, payer mix and service delivery costs.
  • Be on top of volume and revenue growth.
  • Use data to negotiate payer contracts.
  • Guide better clinical outcomes with analytics on EMR data
  • Forecast accounts receivable and manage revenue cycle.
  • Measure productivity more effectively ,Respond to fluctuating patient volumes
  • Eliminate wasted time and resources on manual reporting