Ophthalmology Ambulatory EHR

medflow 8.1 ASC

Medflow ASC – The Complete Ophthalmology Ambulatory EHR

Medflow Inc. understands the unique requirements of a busy ophthalmic ASC and has designed a toolset to streamline and improve the administrative and clinical processes. This sophisticated market demands a best-of-breed software product that will create better workflows and maximize your operational efficiency. The Medflow ASC software runs as a stand-alone program and it can also be interfaced directly to your enterprise practice management system. The program is extremely flexible and customizable: you can set up preference cards, surgical procedures, standing orders, RN checklists, CRNA checklists, intra-operative checklists by specialty by procedure, operative notes by procedure by surgeon, inventory, and so much more.

Medflow ASC Features

Pre-Op Nursing

The Medflow’s ambulatory EHR enables pre-op nurse to enter medications, pre-op vital signs, goes through a pre-op checklist questionnaire, starts the I.V. block and fully prepares the patient for the surgical procedure with minimal clicks of a mouse. The content and workflow of the system are easily customized, each checklist is very specific and follows your current workflow. All of the documentation is automatically merged into a nursing report for signature and storage.

Intra-Op Documentation

The intra-operative screen is fully customizable by surgeon/by procedure. It provides input areas for the circulating nurse to enter content during the procedure. The CRNA has simultaneous access to the system and is able to go to their appropriate screens to continue to document the vital signs. Once the procedure is completed, the operative note is directly generated. Each operative note is customized by surgeon/by procedure.

PAR Calculations

PAR Score Sheet can be accessed by the CRNA and completed as part of the final documentation. This information can then be merged together into the nursing report and the anesthesia report. All of the required documents are generated immediately from the information captured at various times during the process. Medflow’s ambulatory EHR is packed with various features like this.

Workflow Management

Patient flow and managing the staging processes are critical to a busy ASC. The Medflow ASC program has a user-friendly “dashboard” screen that can be accessed from any workstation. The screen shows exactly where your patients are in the process. When a patient moves from one room to another, you simply drag the patient from that location to a new location. In/out time is stamped; you see exactly how long a patient has been in a particular given area.