Medflow Optical

Medflow 8.1 OPTICAL

Medflow Optical – Simple, Comprehensive Optical Shop Solution

Ordering glasses and contact lenses may be a big part of your practice. That’s why we created a simple, but comprehensive point-of-sale system called Medflow Optical Shop. The Medflow Optical Shop allows you and your staff to create patient orders, take payments, process insurance, and track inventory transactions quickly. You can even connect the Optical Shop to our EHR product so that patient data will populate automatically when you create new point of sale orders. Plus, the Optical Shop is compatible with barcode scanners; devices such as Essilor, m’eyeFit, and VisiOffice 1 and 2; lab software such as Eyefinity and CC Systems-Labzilla; and more!

If you’re ready to transform your optics ordering process—and take your practice to the next level of running smoothly and making more money—call us now!