Revenue Cycle Management

medflow 2.0 RCM

The Most Trusted Ophthalmology EHR System

You want your practice to bring in more money, and faster. That’s what we want for you, too. Our Revenue Cycle Management services help you do just that.

Our service and software is unique. It’s cloud-based so that you and your staff can access revenue reports and information from anywhere in the office and it comes with actual human beings to assist and train you. It’s easy to connect any practice, it doesn’t require a big IT installation regardless of size, with our service and software you earning more money quickly.

With a single version of the Medflow cloud-based software, your entire organization sees the same, continually updated information at the same time and from anywhere.

Our HIPAA-trained and AAPC certified Management Team can do any and all of the following services for you:

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Billing and Coding
  • Charge Posting
  • Claim Submission
  • Clearinghouse Denials
  • Payment Posting
  • Denials and Follow-up
  • Appeals and Procedures
  • Patient Billing

We customize our services to the needs of your practice. Your assigned Account Manager will analyze your current revenue cycle management process, determine which of our services best suit your needs, and create a plan of action to take your practice to the next level.

With our past clients, we have achieved a 15%-30% reduction in AR Days, efficient submission of claims within 24 hours of receiving documents, posting of account within 24 hours, improvement in collection by 5%-10%, and more.

Call us or request a demo now and we’ll create a plan of action with you to increase your profits quickly so that you can get back to providing your patients with the best health care possible. Our Management Team brings over 70+ years of combined experience in US Healthcare Business Services

  • 100% CPC Certified Coders
  • ICD 10 ready workforce to ensure no impact on your revenue during ICD 10 transition
  • Trained and experienced Auditors & Trainers
  • Experienced Transition team to ensure smooth transition

Pre-Op Nursing

Medflow RCM has really improved our billing. I am particularly happy with their communication – they are very diligent in following up on loose ends, problems, etc. and keep us regularly informed about how everything is going! They have been very successful maintaining our revenue upon the software switchover.

Angela K Giles
Sugar Creek Eyecare, P.C.

Medflow RCM greatly improved EOB follow-up with Client Y resulting in

  • 55% reduction in calling time to get claim status and getting copy of EOBs.
  • Faster Payment Posting
  • Reduction in aging volume by 30%, 120+ aging volume dropped from 17% to 9%.
  • Read full case study

Client X transitioned to Medflow RCM with a high denial rate. With us,

  • Efficiency (Billed v/s collected) for Client X went up by 19% – September 15 vs. June 15
  • Collections increased by 52% when we compare June to September
  • Reduction in aging volume by 32% and 120+ cases by 18%.
  • Read full case study