medflowInternational, is a fully integrated cloud-based EMR solution that has been designed by Ophthalmologists for Ophthalmologists. It enables practices to manage patient records, patient scheduling, financials and analytics with speed and efficiency allowing the clinic to focus on quality of care and safety.

An end-to-end suite including software, applications, processes and business management services, medflowInternational removes the day to day worries and hassle of overseeing hardware, software, network issues, and compliance monitoring.

Ophthalmology Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Key Features

  • Physician Dashboard
  • Patient Dashboard
  • Configurable Examination Types
  • Sub-specialty specific content included
  • Role based permissions for up to 17 predefined practice roles
  • Automated and integrated drawing toolkit specific to exam region


  • An EMR that works for you. No need to adapt your workflow to the EMR as Medflow 2.0 is designed specifically for Ophthalmology, unlike other products on the market
  • Access the EMR on any device from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Increase efficiency and speed from paper charting. With the fully integrated solution, information is instantly available and letters can be printed using the EMR
  • Ensure high quality clinical information is recorded in a consistent manner, through pre-defined electronic datasets.
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve security and safety of patient data

Medflow Patient Portal

  • Medication refill requests
  • Appointment requests and confirmation
  • Care Team management and setup for patient information
  • Patient education materials sent directly from EMR care plans
  • Patient registration (direct data population to the databases)
  • Patient demographics
  • Patient health history
  • Patient account balances online
  • Patient bill pay online
  • Contact lens ordering and payment
  • SMS text messaging for patient alerts

Practice Management System

Our EMR integrates with UK’s leading Practice Management (PM) Systems. The EMR can also integrate with your existing PM system.

  • Diary management
  • Electronic Patient Records
  • Dictation and transcription
  • Document Management and picture archiving
  • Workflow management
  • Tasks and activity allocation
  • Patient billing [traditional and e-billing]
  • Clinical debt collection
  • Reporting and financial analysis
  • Secure online card integration
  • Multi-site access
  • Patient communications

Medflow Analytics Program (MAP)

Collect data for financial, operational, clinical, utilization and statutory compliance areas allowing administrators and practice leaders to assess the efficiency of their practice and clinical care. Practices can design their own metrics and display dashboards based on data they find relevant. Individual users may have access to different reports based on their role in the organization.

  • Financial —  Revenue figures, cost of bundled services, accounts receivable, cash flow, legal costs and insurance, and return-on-investment related to practice infrastructure.
  • Operations — Increased productivity, efficient resource management, human resources considerations, capacity planning and quality control.
  • Clinical — Trends in surgeries, outcomes, adherence to screening guidelines and clinical performance, data on quality of life, patient satisfaction and patient loyalty.
  • Utilization — Staff, scheduling of appointments, diagnostic devices, imaging equipment, and surgery centers.

DigiLink for Ophthalmic Devices Integration

  • Local level network connection between the practice diagnostic devices and the cloud
  • Diagnostic device integration directly through local area network
  • Screening device integration directly through local area network
  • Nightly download of all active patients per location stored locally
  • Locally storage of all historic charts notes and diagnostic images for active patients seen daily
  • Emergency viewer providing historic data access in case of internet downtime
  • Full DICOM workflow allowing the push of open orders direct to diagnostic devices